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Indiescrete – Episode 4

Episode 4 of Indiescrete is now live. Play it from the link below or subscribe via iTunes, Yahoo and your favorite podcast client using one of the links on the right. Here’s what’s on the show this week:

BC Camplight
B.C. Camplight – Blood and Peanut Butter

Para Aduma
Para Aduma – Couch Potato

The Gates of Berlin
The Gates of Berlin – You’ve Been on My Mind

Castledoor – Burn the Maps

Trendy – Right By Your Side

Bitter Tea for Breakfast
Bitter Tea for Breakfast – Fine, I Admit It

String Theory
String Theory – Birthday

Click on any of the albums above to go to the band’s website to learn more.

If you’re an indie pop band and you’d like to get your music on Indiescrete, please send an email to

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